Beste Quellen für erschwingliche Kissen

Hello friends!  I am hope everyone is staying warm as the cold winter weather continues to hang around.  If it is cold where you live right now, you are probably spending a lot of time inside, which means you may be looking around your rooms thinking, “hmmm, this room could use some sprucing up.”  One of the easiest ways to update a room without spending a ton of money is by purchasing new throw pillows!  New fabrics on pillows can totally transform the look of a space in a instant.

But, where can you buy affordable throw pillows?  I am glad you asked!  I have rounded up 5 sources for affordable throw pillows.  All the pillows featured in this post cost less than $30.  That’s a low price tag for a totally new look in a room!  This post contains some affiliate links.  Click here to read my full disclosure policy.

Best Sources for Affordable Throw Pillows

Click on the photo of any pillow you like for more info!

1.  TargetYes, once again, Target makes my list of where to buy affordable decor.  Target has a HUGE selection of stunning throw pillows and many of them are under $20.  Here are a two of my favorites.

2.  Urban Outfitters– Did you know that Urban Outfitters has a fabulous home department?  It does!  In addition to awesome rug choices, Urban Outfitters offers loads of stylish and affordable throw pillows.

3.  World Market– World Market is ALWAYS a favorite store of mine because it carries so many unique decor items!  The selection of throw pillows World Market offers are as unique as they are affordable.

4.  Pier 1 Imports– If you want a HUGE selection of pillows, head to Pier 1.  I never select throw pillows without checking out Pier 1.  In fact, several of the pillows in my family room are from Pier 1.  Best of all, the HUGE selection is wallet-friendly!

5.  Online Fabric Store– doesn’t just have the best fabrics online, it also has AMAZING throw pillows for under $30.  And the variety of the selection is fantastic.  It varies depending on their stock, so check back often!

6.  Amazon– YEP!  Amazon has it all, including unbelievably awesome throw pillows.  This fox pillow I adore is only $8.18, and the damask one is only $14.99!  Seriously, there are no limits to the selection and value on Amazon.

Well, folks, there you have it.   The next time you want to change the look of a room without spending a fortune, invest in some new throw pillows!

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