The Girls’ Bedroom

There was nothing that stood out about the girls’ bedroom.  It’s your basic bedroom.  Actually, I take it back–all of the bedrooms have the most phenomenal closets.  But otherwise, it was just a basic beige box with a window. We did not undertake any drastic interior design efforts in this room, largely because we moved […]

The Master Bedroom

Where to begin?  Let me start by explaining that our prior homes have been circa 1920 with teeny, tiny bedrooms.  So, we were looking forward to having a larger master bedroom.  Well, this house delivered on that, but our master bedroom is a bit too large for my taste.  My apologies if I sound like […]

Budget-freundliche Master Bedroom Makeover Inspiration

Hallo Freunde! Ich habe angefangen, auf unser Hauptschlafzimmer zu konzentrieren und fand einige erstaunliche DIY Hauptschlafzimmerumarbeitung Inspiration, die mich völlig inspiriert hat, um ein erstaunliches Hauptschlafzimmer eines Tages zu schaffen. Wir haben noch nicht viel in unserem Schlafzimmer getan. Wir haben die Wände in einer ruhigen blauen Farbe gestrichen, schöne neue Laminatböden verlegt und einfache […]