The Finishing Touches in the Laundry Room–FREE ART!

Some of you that have already checked out my $71.00 laundry room renovation know that I was struggling with what to do with the huge, blank wall opposite the washer/dryer and sink.  If you have not checked out the reveal yet, you should–click here.  I did not want to spend much money, but wanted some art that made sense in a laundry room (in addition to my DIY clothes pin art, seen here).  So, I went on the hunt!

I thought some sort of vintage laundry advertisements would be cool, so I fired up Google and started searching.  I am NOT kidding you when I tell you that on the first page of search results, I found one of the most glorious links I have ever run across to FREE, DOWNLOADABLE laundry room prints at Better Homes and Gardens.  What can I say?!  Sometimes things just work out.  Not only are they free, they are PERFECT in my laundry room.  I love the colors and the fact that they feature laundry tips from the 1960s.  Ummm, how cute are these prints???

They look fabulous in my laundry room!  I purchased the 11x 14 black frames at The Dollar Store for, well, a dollar each (hello, Captain Obvious) and the black mattes at Michaels Crafts for $2.99 each.  So, for $4.00, I now have art to fill up that blank wall!  The photos are not the best because I could not eliminate the glare problem, but you can take a look at how they look in my laundry room.

And one QUICK TIP before I leave.  If you are going to hang artwork on a wall that a door opens on to (and that is frequently left in the open position), leave the door open when you decide on placement.  In my case, I tried to space the pictures equally between the door and the opposite wall.  If I had centered them on the wall with the door closed, everything would have looked off after the door was open.

CONFESSION: If I had more of a budget, I would have opted for even larger frames with mattes because I think that scale would have been more appropriate for the wall, but the budget ruled on this one 🙂

What do you think?  Are you going to go download these beauties yourself?

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