The Foyer Reveal (so far)…

Time for another reveal!  This time we are turning our attention to the FOYER.  If you have taken my full home tour (see the Tour My Home page at the top), you already know that I love all of the natural light in our foyer.  The light just pours into this space.  I also love the wood door and the simplicity of the large, square and rectangular windows.  Clean architectural lines is what contemporary construction is all about, right?!

I did NOT care for the color, which I found to be a bit to boring and drab.  Second, the VERY traditional chandelier was not only not my cup of tea, but I also felt strongly that it did not fit in a contemporary home.  I feel the same way about the tile on the floor–it’s just a tad too traditional for my taste and for this house.  We will replace the tile floor eventually with polished concrete (sigh…I can’t wait to do that), but we are okay with it for now for budget reasons.  The carpet on the stairs should be gone within the next year–I can’t wait to get wood down on the stairs!

Here is a little reminder of what the foyer looked like when we moved in.

I’ll share with you the details in a moment, but first, let me allow the photos to speak for themselves!

You can glimpse the girls’ playroom in this photo.  Click here to see that full reveal!

 UPDATE!  Head over here to see how I added some more personality to this foyer wall by stenciling it with a herringbone pattern and changing up the art work!
I still feel like I need to breathe a little more life and personality into this foyer, and I am sure I will with time, but I am sooooo pleased with how it has turned out so far!  UPDATE!  Head over here to see how I added some more personality with a herringbone pattern stenciled wall and new art work!

The most dramatic changes are the paint color (isn’t the soft aqua color gorgeous?!) and the monogram wall above the front door.  I had so much fun collecting “A”s to hang.  More details on how to create your own monogram wall in an upcoming post 🙂

The addition of the rug, from Rugs USA, also brought a much needed sense of coziness to the huge space.  The table, which we made ourselves with free DIY plans from the awesome Ana White, serves several purposes.  First, it helps fill some space and covers that ugly air return.  Plus, it is our shoe storage.  This is real life people.  We need somewhere to put our shoes downstairs so that we don’t haul them up and down from our bedrooms all the time.  Plus, I like that my twin girls can get their shoes out and put them away themselves.  The little shoes go in the drawer and the adult shoes go in the baskets from Michaels Crafts below.  Plus, since we built the table ourselves, it cost less than $100.  Functional and pretty–my two favorite things!
I also changed out the traditional chandelier for this gorgeous, contemporary drum shade chandelier from Crate and Barrel.  I adore it.

You know I can’t resist a dramatic before and after photo, so here you go!

So, what do you think of the transformation thus far?

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