The Foyer

There are many things I loved about our foyer, and a few things I hated, when we first looked at the house.  Before I go into details, here are some photos of what it looked like before we moved in.

Let’s start with the list of what I immediately loved about the foyer.  THE NATURAL LIGHT!  Oh my goodness, the light that floods into our foyer is gorgeous.  It makes me smile every single morning when I walk out of our bedroom (cheesy, but I am not kidding).  I also love the gorgeous wood door and the simplicity of all the windows.

Now, let’s talk about what I hated.  I’ll try not to get long-winded here.  First of all, I found the color to be a bit drab and depressing for such a light-flooded space.  Second, the chandelier.  NOT my cup of tea.  Third, the carpet on the stairs–yuck.  Fourth, the very 1980’s wall/railing.  Fifth, all the wall space, which I had no clue how to fill.  Finally, I do not care for the tile on the floor.  It’s a wonderful tile job, but looks too traditional for a contemporary home.  I don’t hate it, but it has to go eventually.

We have mostly completed the renovation of the foyer. And this is how it looks now!  Click here for information on the transformation of the foyer {so far}!

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