Thrifty, Easy DIY Laundry Room Art Tutorial

Many of you have already seen my recently revealed $71.00 laundry room renovation.  If not, you can check it out here.  I am fortunate to have a large laundry room, but it left me with A LOT of wall space to fill.  Since I was trying to complete the laundry room renovation with as little out-of-pocket spending as possible, I had to get creative to fill up some on the wall space.  I used the “FLUFF AND FOLD” paper mache letters to fill up the large space above the sink, but I also wanted a little something on the wall by the door.

So, I went shopping in my own house for ideas…  I found an old, ugly shadow box and thought I could make something with it.  But it was a bit of a struggle to think of something that would be fitting for a laundry room.  Then it hit me like a load of laundry (pun intended).  CLOTHES PINS.  I loaded up the twins and went to the Home Depot to buy some clothes pins.  I purchased two packages of clothes pins at $2.50 each.  I already had some black spray paint to transform the shadow box frame from its sad gold and black speckled appearance.  And, I am already the proud owner of a glue gun (if you don’t already have one, get one–you’ll be surprised how often you can use it).  I used it to

Read on past the photos for a quick tutorial on how to do this CRAZY EASY DIY art project.

This is what I started with.  See, I wasn’t kidding about the old, ugly, beat up shadow box frame?!

I quickly spray painted the frame with flat, black spray paint because that is what I already had.  If I had needed to purchase the paint, I probably would have gone with a satin finish.  But for zero out of pocket cost, flat was FINE by me.  Then, I got out my trusty glue gun and glued on the clothes pins one at a time.  I did it while watching an episode of Grey’s Anatomy and it took me only about 15 minutes.

Then I popped the glass and frame back on and voila…  That’s how my ugly, old shadow box became chic laundry room art for a total out of pocket cost of $5.00!!! SUCCESS!  Pretty cute, huh?

What do you think?  Will you try this project?

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